Frequently Asked Questions

A charter school is a public school that provides instruction in any combination of grades, kindergarten through grade twelve. Parents, teachers, or community members may initiate a charter petition, which is typically presented to and approved by a local school district governing board. The law also allows, under certain circumstances, for county boards of education and the State Board of Education to be charter authorizing entities.

Specific goals and operating procedures for a charter school are detailed in the agreement between the charter authorizing entity and the charter developer. A charter school is exempted from many of the statutes and regulations that apply to school districts. Students enroll in charter schools on a voluntary basis.

El Sol Academy is a publicly chartered school and not a private school. El Sol Academy is tuition-free and open to any student who wishes to attend as long as space permits.

No. El Sol Academy does not have any religious affiliations and welcomes students of any race, color, religious, national and ethnic origin. We offer all the rights and privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to El Sol students.

El Sol Academy is not a year-round school. Our school calendar is trimester based.

The average class size for Faculty:Student ratio is 1:25.

Your child does not have to live within the city of Santa Ana in order to be admitted in or to attend El Sol Academy. El Sol Academy is open to any student who wants to apply, regardless of where he or she lives, as space permits. While most of our students reside within the city of Santa Ana, we have students from all over Orange County and even some from Riverside and Los Angeles County.

For the past several years, El Sol Academy receives more applications to attend than there are spaces available. Therefore, admission to El Sol Academy is based on a blind lottery in order to determine which students will have the opportunity to attend. El Sol Academy does have a waiting list and may admit more students as spots become available.