pto mageParent Teacher Organization (PTO) – is organization of parent representatives and teacher representatives to give families of El Sol Academy the opportunity to share their efforts of providing a variety of activities for students, teachers, and families in the school and our community.  PTO hosts several fundraising events for our families throughout the school year, such as the annual Jog-A-Thon, Music & Arts Festival, and other events. Be sure to visit the El Sol PTO Website to see the calendar of events and our fundraisers! PTO also has a monthly newsletter that has updates on fundraisers, events, and the overview of the meetings.

For more information regarding PTO, please email or visit:


Coffee Coffee meetings are held throughout the school year by administrators to keep parents informed on school updates, general topics, and school achievements and progress during the school year. This is a welcoming space for parents of children from all grade levels to interact with one another, as well as a great networking opportunity.


Share our SlevesParent Education Program (SOS Workshop) – are held once a month and cover a variety of topics, related to healthy tips, such as healthy meal recipes and stress management. We are open to suggestions for different health topics. Also a weekly health tip is added to the newsletter in related the Education Health Program for parents. For more information about attending a class or the health tips, please email or Click here for details and dates.


CHISPA logoThe Padres Comprometidos is an 8-Week program for parents who are interested in learning about various educational topics, such as: understand the United States public school system, develop goals for their children to ensure they attend college, understand the academic requirements for college readiness, and learn about modeling behaviors that they can do at home to encourage and promote learning for their children. The PC con CHISPA Program encourages parents to become familiar with their child’s teacher, encourages them to meet with teachers and other school personnel to seek information related to their child’s academic performance. Padres Comprometidos con CHISPA is a transformative parent program that empowers and uplifts our parents within our communities. To learn more about this unique program, please visit: or email Registration is preferred.


Symphony kidsPacific Symphony hosts quarterly events. Although everyone is welcome to participate in the day event, RSVP is necessary and attendance is required once RSVP’d. Transportation is included, however, lunch is not. Breakfast is highly suggested on the day of the event. If interested in more information or to participate, please email Sara Flores at


communityWe host a variety of events, activities, and programs throughout the school year that count towards community service hours. Volunteering is open to all age groups and no experience is needed. Volunteer opportunities include our fundraising events, helping teachers make copies, or other programs- such as our in-class science demos or the Mercado.