El Sol Science and Arts Academy of Santa Ana Review

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El Sol Science and Arts Academy of Santa Ana opened in 2001 to provide an alternative to traditional schools by offering a college prep environment focusing on the sciences and arts and team teaching with a dual immersion program. The charter school offers a high quality education that will ensure students can enter high school and college with the knowledge needed to succeed. The student body population is 96% Hispanic or Latino.

Along with core subjects, El Sol Science and Arts Academy of Santa Ana offers extra curricular activities including drawing, drama, sculpture, dance, chorus, computer arts, band, orchestra, and film production. Sports offered include baseball, basketball, soccer, physical education classes, volleyball, and yoga. Other programs students can join are science & technology, community service, yearbook, academic contests, newspaper, and student council.

Most parents expressed how much the school has done for students and the community as a whole. The administrator has provided a variety of programs for the school such as the Music/Art program, Extended Day Program and the FCLC as well as a health and dental clinic for families. Other parents stated they were very pleased that their student’s once entering high school could actually skip all the way to 10th grade Algebra II. Students really enjoy attending the school and had nothing but positive remarks regarding the teachers and staff.

The Academic Performance Index showed a slight decline in academic growth from 879 to 871. The goal statewide is a score of 800.

The California Standards Tests is used to learn if students are mastering core subjects. The various tests are given to 2nd through 11th grades in English, grades 2nd through 7th are given tests in math, and science tests are administered to students in grades 5th, 8th, and 10th, while history tests are given to students in 8th and 11th grades.
The percentage of students passing the exams at El Sol Science and Arts Academy of Santa Ana was mainly above average. Examples include the percentage of 2nd graders passing the math exam was 85% with the state average at 64%, 65% of 6th graders passed the math exam with the state at 55%, and 94% of 8th graders passed the geometry exam with the state average at 87%.

Overall, El Sol Science and Arts Academy of Santa Ana is providing an excellent education for students to excel and become productive members of their community and to be prepared for the remainder of their educational years. To ensure the school is right for your child, you should visit the school.